Sandy Vander WeerdtI started visiting Marcus prior to being pregnant due to headaches from standing long periods of time. With a career as a hairstylist, chiropractic care is a must! My headaches were relieved after one adjustment and I could tell when I had gotten off track just going once a month. Once I was pregnant I started scheduling visits every 2 weeks to keep on top of headaches and to keep my back feeling great. This pregnancy was my third and my quickest delivery as well. I did not visit a chiropractor with my other 2 pregnancies and had read a lot about how it is a good idea to do so with pregnancy because of less pain during both pregnancy and labor-best decision I made! I would suggest Marcus to anyone….He is very thorough with his exams and always makes sure you are comfortable. 5 Stars!!!!”

– Sandy Vander Weerdt


Wendy GartonOver 2 months ago I gave birth to my first child. Before that I had some back pain from time to time but after birth and breastfeeding I experienced pain and discomfort like never before. Radiating sciatica pain, upper back tension and enough lower back discomfort to make walking problematic made me really start looking at Chiropractic care. I had already heard so many good things about Dr. Dawson, I knew he was the one I wanted to go to for my first ever Chiropractic visit. Though nervous beforehand I was so pleasantly surprised! Dr. Dawson is informative in every move he makes and very educational about the process. As a new mommy I know I have to be vigilant about my health to better take care of my sweet Charlotte, with Dr. Dawson I know I’m in great hands!

– Wendy Garton.